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Classes & Education Programs

Mind, Body and Soul

Local Plant Walks & Plant Sits


Learn Local Plants

Have you ever wanted to know about the plants that naturally grow around you? Have you had the call to learn which plants that could help with a cold, cough, sore throat, provide you with nutrients, calm inflammation, and much more? Get to know some well-known plants of Northern Colorado with plant sits and organoleptics!

Coming Soon!

Yoga in the Park


Mind, Body, Spirit

Look for opportunities to practice donation-based yoga in the park!

Coming Soon!

Farm-Based Class Series


Reconnect With The Land

This is a class series held at local farms that incorporates plant identification, horticulture/botany skills, organoleptics, nutrition, and herbalism. Learn about the plants that you can easily grow in your garden and their various health benefits. Learn how to process these plants and foods into teas, flavored waters, nutritious meals, and herbal medicines.

Coming Soon!
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