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Natal Chart & Transits Astrology Reading

Navigate Your Life's Journey

An astrology chart is the soul's road map. Our life's journey can bring us tough situations, life transitions, recurring challenges, road blocks, or times where we simply want answers. When we understand our personal astrology chart, we can better learn how to navigate our life's journey regardless of the circumstances.

These readings are given through the lens of Western Astrology with a heavy influence of Evolutionary Astrology. Charts are interpreted with the whole sign house system.


60 minutes (Includes copy of natal & transits chart)

Investment: $85

Sliding-scale pricing available for those in need.

Please email me to inquire and apply.


Please Note: These readings are for current herbal and flower essence clients only who wish to take a deeper dive into astrology as a tool for wellness.

Western & Medical Astrologer

My Qualifications

November, 2020

Cycles of Crisis & Cure: Exploring Health & The Natal Chart

Instructor: Kira Sutherland, ND, Nutritionist, Medical Astrologer // Astrology of Health
Training Included: Common issues, health triggers and stumbling blocks of each natal planet at times of illness and how transits present us with opportunities to become aware of – and make adjustments to – our health, habits and wellbeing.

September, 2020

Alchemical Herbalism

Instructor: Sajah Popham, School of Evolutionary Herbalism
Training Included: 100+ course hours, Direct perception of plant intelligence, Spiritual ecology, Traditional Western Herbalism, Ayurveda, Relationship between plants and the elements, The planets, Energetic patterns of nature, Medical astrology, Astro-herbalism, Alchemy, Spagyrics, and the Hermetic tradition.

April, 2016

Astrology Interpretation Course

Instructor: Adam Sommer, Astrologer // Holes to Heavens
Training Included: Language of Astrology, Pluto & The Buddha, Myth & The Nodes of the Moon, Evolutions in Astrology, Rulerships, The Ascendent & The Body, The Moon & The Mind, The Sun & Spirit, Venus & Love, Limits of Saturn, Chiron & Beyond, Transits & Kosmic Weather

January 2016 - Present

Astrological Coursework

Instructor: Adam Sommer, Astrologer // Holes to Heavens
Training Included: Ongoing coursework and in-depth studies on each of the planets, retrogrades, transits, eclipses, astrological counseling skills, timing techniques, chart studies and chart interpretation.

January 2016 - May 2017

Western Astrology Private Tutoring

Instructor: Adam Sommer, Astrologer // Holes to Heavens
Training Included: Foundational Knowledge of Astrology & Reading Charts

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