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Social Justice

Doing The Healing Work.

Times are a changin’ and we are quickly learning that we are the ones who are meant to transition this world into a new space. All of us have been called, some of us have answered, and those of us who committed are the ones who have been waiting for this time to come. This time is one of unlearning the toxicity of the past -- all that goes against humxnity and our planet, facing shadow, learning, and understanding those parts of ourselves we often hide, bringing all that needs to heal to the surface, working through it, and ceremonially letting it go. And one of relearning, creation of the new paradigm, focused upon the divine feminine, love, care and compassion for all beings (including ourselves), freedom and equity for all, Black liberation, Indigenous sovereignty, and just and humane treatment for all humxn beings.

During our lifetime, it is critical that we do this healing work. This will not only heal ourselves but our ancestors and our future generations. We do this work right now to stop racism, the patriarchy, colonialization and injustices toward marginalized and underprivileged people. It is critical that we truly start to understand our own ethnicities, familial lineages, food and medicine origins, stories of oppressed/oppressor, and so on. Doing some work to find at least some of the information is key for us to understand and empathize with those who have experienced oppression their entire lives and where it’s thrived throughout their bloodlines. 

We inherited this world and it’s evident that most people want to live in peace, desire to thrive financially, care about their family, want to maintain connection to the Earth, and want a world where we can all live harmoniously. Before that happens, there’s a lot of work to do. Now is our time to stop what we don’t think is right and create a new world that works for all.

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