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Astro-Flower Essence Session

Mind-Body Health, Emotional Well-Being, Soul Development, Personal Growth

With guidance from both the plants and planets, an astro-flower essence session can be a powerful session to help navigate you through your life’s journey while rebalancing emotional states.

Mini Session: $45/45 minutes

Includes 15 mL Flower Essence Formula*

Utilizing astrology and flower essences as a guide, mini sessions will address one question or intention. Client will receive a mini astrology reading and flower essence consult, and receive a one week dosage flower essence formula with 1-3 essences that directly addresses their question. This is an excellent option for those who are curious about flower essences and will help those decide if they wish to work with flower essences long-term.

Ceremonial Astro-Flower Essence Session: $108/90 minutes

Includes 30 mL Flower Essence Formula* &

Copy of Natal and Current Transits Astrology Chart

Custom ceremonial healing session focusing on supporting your physical-spiritual-mental-emotional needs. These sessions primarily utilize astrology and flower essences as tools for healing. Other tools often used: Oracle cards, yoga, reiki, prayer, meditation, and breath work. Client will receive a two week dosage flower essence formula with up to 6-7 essences.

Please Note: Ceremonial sessions require you book at least one follow up session. 

Follow Up Session: $45/60 minutes

Includes 30 mL maintenance Flower Essence*

We will review shifts you experienced since the first session and discuss any new acute needs you may have. You will receive either an acute or long-term maintenance formula depending on your needs. Long-term maintenance formulas are created to support imbalances found in your natal astrology chart.

* Plus Shipping if session done remotely

Sliding Scale and payment options available for those truly in need and want to do this work. If you would like to learn more and/or sign up using the sliding scale option, please download and email me back the completed Sliding Scale Form.

Astro & Flower Essence Intake Forms:

Flower Essence Intake Form

Statement of Informed Disclosure

Sliding Scale Form

Certified Flower Essence Practitioner
Western & Medical Astrologer

My Qualifications

May, 2020

Certified Flower Essences Practitioner - Bach Flower Essences Practitioner Certification

Certified By: Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism, Lafayette, Colorado
Training Included: 56 Classroom & Clinic Hours, Personal Study of Bach Flower Essences; Materia Medica Categories of the Flower Essences; Bach Remedy Differentials; The Basic Health Interview; The Bach Flower Interview; Case Studies; Clinical Practice

November, 2020

Cycles of Crisis & Cure: Exploring Health & The Natal Chart

Instructor: Kira Sutherland, ND, Nutritionist, Medical Astrologer // Astrology of Health
Training Included: Common issues, health triggers and stumbling blocks of each natal planet at times of illness and how transits present us with opportunities to become aware of – and make adjustments to – our health, habits and wellbeing.

September, 2020

Alchemical Herbalism

Instructor: Sajah Popham, School of Evolutionary Herbalism
Training Included: 100+ course hours, Direct perception of plant intelligence, Spiritual ecology, Traditional Western Herbalism, Ayurveda, Relationship between plants and the elements, The planets, Energetic patterns of nature, Medical astrology, Astro-herbalism, Alchemy, Spagyrics, and the Hermetic tradition.

April, 2016

Astrology Interpretation Course

Instructor: Adam Sommer, Astrologer // Holes to Heavens
Training Included: Language of Astrology, Pluto & The Buddha, Myth & The Nodes of the Moon, Evolutions in Astrology, Rulerships, The Ascendent & The Body, The Moon & The Mind, The Sun & Spirit, Venus & Love, Limits of Saturn, Chiron & Beyond, Transits & Kosmic Weather

January 2016 - Present

Astrological Coursework

Instructor: Adam Sommer, Astrologer // Holes to Heavens
Training Included: Ongoing coursework and in-depth studies on each of the planets, retrogrades, transits, eclipses, astrological counseling skills, timing techniques, chart studies and chart interpretation.

January 2016 - May 2017

Western Astrology Private Tutoring

Instructor: Adam Sommer, Astrologer // Holes to Heavens
Training Included: Foundational Knowledge of Astrology & Reading Charts

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