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Laurie Love Bio

Laurie is a clinical herbalist, holistic nutritionist, astrologer, wellness coach, event coordinator, and teacher of all things plants. She takes on the roles of healer, teacher, and Earth steward. She loves helping people find and deepen their relationships with the natural world, plants, planets and themselves. She is passionate about empowering people to reclaim sovereignty over their own health.

Laurie was inspired at a young age to develop solutions to create a more sustainable planet. Her career began as a paralegal and environmental & social justice activist. During this time, she suffered from chronic health problems and autoimmune dis-ease including insulin resistance and type II diabetes. She educated herself on holistic wellness and nutrition, applied healthy lifestyle changes, and got involved in community supporting agriculture-all of which contributed to the healing of her chronic illnesses. She realized that by working with the Earth she was healing herself, and by healing herself she was healing the Earth. Working directly with the land and teaching others about creating symbiosis with other parts of nature became her activism, so she dedicated her life to helping people heal naturally and promoting sustainability and healing for our planet.

For over a decade, Laurie has intentionally spent her time learning about plants, including holding various roles at farms and gardens, attaining a permaculture design certification, studying medicinal plants in Central America, and completing over 1000 hours of herbalism study. Laurie holds an MS in Agriculture and Adult/Extension Education from CSU, and a BA in Political Science from Purdue University. She is pursuing certifications in Clinical Herbalism and Holistic Nutrition from the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism, and Alchemical Herbalism from the School of Evolutionary Herbalism. Additionally, she is working towards fulfilling the requirements to become a Registered Herbalist (RH) with The American Herbalists Guild.

Laurie’s mission as a clinical herbalist and nutritionist is to provide accessible holistic wellness sessions using personalized tools that educate and empower her clients to master their healing journey. She incorporates herbal medicine, nutrition, flower essences, astrology, yoga, meditation, pranayama (breathwork), and reiki in her sessions, which are the tools she uses in her personal healing work. It brings her great joy to connect people with the healing power of plants and wellness practices that nourish the mind, body and spirit. Additionally, she is dedicated to providing an inclusive and safe space for her clients to heal, and is excited to support her clients achieve optimal nourishment, vital health and well-being.

In her spare time, you will find Laurie exploring all things magick, relearning and reclaiming her Nordic ancestral roots, gazing at the stars, dancing to live music, singing folk tunes (and sometimes Salt-N-Pepa songs), practicing yoga, hiking in Colorado’s wilderness, soaking in hot springs, playing in her garden, communing with wild plants and animals, going on long road trips, and traveling to new and wondrous places.

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Degrees & Certificate Bearing Coursework

Clinical Herbalism Skills Intensive

February, 2021
Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism

70 Classroom Hours, Uterine/Ovarian Reproductive Health, Digestive Health & The Microbiome, Formulation & Materia Medica, Phytochemistry in the Clinical Paradigm, Practical Applications for Herbal Pharmacy, Interview Skills

Holistic Nutrition Program

May, 2021
Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism

160 Classroom & Independent Study Hours, Lifecycles, Evaluating Scientific Studies, Medical Testing, Obesity, Eating Disorders, Food & Mood, Food Energetics, Nutritional Physiochemistry, Sports/Exercise Nutrition, Phytochemistry, Supplements

Alchemical Herbalism

September, 2020
School of Evolutionary Herbalism

100+ course hours, Direct perception of plant intelligence, Spiritual ecology, Traditional Western Herbalism, Ayurveda, Relationship between plants and the elements, The planets, Energetic patterns of nature, Medical astrology, Astro-herbalism, Alchemy, Spagyrics, and the Hermetic tradition.

Certified Bach Flower Essences Practitioner

May, 2020
Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism

56 Classroom & Clinic Hours, Bach Flower Essences Overview, Materia Medica Categories of Flower Essences, Bach Remedy Differentials, Basic Health Interview, Bach Flower Interview, Case Studies, Clinical Practice

Advanced Herbalism Certification

July, 2019
Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism

540 Classroom Hours, Fundamentals of Vitalist Medicine, Vitalist Therapeutics for Acute Symptoms, Clinical Nutrition in the Vitalist Paradigm, Toxicity and Detoxification, Roots of Chronic Disease I – Nutrition, Digestion, and Immunity, Roots of Chronic Disease II – Insulin Resistance Syndrome, Reproduction and Vitalist Therapeutics, Safety, Side Effects, and Contraindications, Bach Flower Essences, Nature Observation and Field Trips, Interview Skills, Case Analysis, Professional Practicum, Materia Medica Independent Study, Advanced Herbal Pharmacy

Fundamentals of Medical Herbalism

October, 2018
Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism

370 Classroom Hours, Integrative Herbalism – Anatomy & Physiology, Pathology, Materia Medica, and Pharmacy, Introduction to Nutrition, Introduction to Botany & Plant Identification, Introduction to Flower Essences, Herbs of Commerce, Materia Medica Independent Study, Advanced Materia Medica

Certified Advanced Reiki Practitioner: Advanced Reiki Training Certification

June, 2016

Attuned by Carrie Varela, Licensed Reiki Master Teacher & ICRT Association Affiliate member
Training included: Reiki Moving Meditation, Reiki World Peace Crystal Grid, Continuous Healing, Usui Master Symbol Attunment, Aura Clearing Technique, Holy Fire Meditation, Holy Fire Pre-Ignition

Certified Reiki Level II Practitioner: Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Ryoho Certification

August, 2015

Attuned by Carrie Varela, Licensed Reiki Master Teacher & ICRT Association Affiliate member
Training included: Practiced Reiki hand positions, Reiki II symbols, distance healing and using several Japanese Reiki techniques.

Certified Reiki Level I Practitioner: Usui Reiki Certification

January, 2015

Attuned by Carrie Varela, Licensed Reiki Master Teacher & ICRT Association Affiliate member
Training Included: Learning to send and receive Reiki energy as a means of self-treatment, treatment for others, clearing of space and long-distance healing.

Master's Degree, Agricultural Sciences: Extension Education

November, 2013
Colorado State University

Relevant Curriculum: Horticultural Science, Horticultural Warm and Cool Season Vegetable Production Food Crops, Soil Science, Organic Soil Fertility, Soil Microbiology, Advanced Issues in Agriculture, Principles of Cooperative Extension, Sociology of Food Systems and Agriculture, Multicultural Education, Adult Teaching and Learning, Instructional Design, and Adult Education Processes and Methods

Professional Thesis Topic: How CSAs Impact Community Food Security for Marginalized Populations along Colorado’s Front Range

Certified Yoga Teacher: 200 Hours Yoga Alliance Approved

November, 2010

Certified by: Karma Yoga Center, Denver, Colorado
Training Included: Yoga as a Holistic Approach to Healing, Nourishing, and Evolving the Mind, Body, and Spirit, Setting Intention and Purpose: Sankalpa; Asana (poses); Pranayama (breathwork); Meditation, Mantra, Mudras, Nada (sound yoga), Chanting; Theme and Sequence for Classes; In-Class Assisting: Alignment, Adjustments, and Props; History: Past to Present Timeline of Yoga; Philosophies and Limbs of the Yoga Path; Physical Anatomy (including cadaver lab visit); Subtle Body Anatomy: Chakras, Astral Body, Gunas, Koshas & Kundalini; Marketing; Ethics; Intro to Restorative, Yin, Yoga Nidra and Prenatal Yoga

Bachelor of Arts: Political Science &
Associate of Arts: Communications

May, 2000
Purdue University

Political Science, Sociology, Pre-Law, Multicultural Education, Communications, Native American Literature

Relevant Classes & Workshops

Non-Certificate Bearing

November, 2020

Cycles of Crisis & Cure: Exploring Health & The Natal Chart
Taught By: Kira Sutherland, ND, Nutritionist & Medical Astrologer, Astrology of Health

Training Included: Common issues, health triggers and stumbling blocks of each natal planet at times of illness and how transits present us with opportunities to become aware of – and make adjustments to – our health, habits and wellbeing.

October 2019

Botanicals, Biofilms & Chronic Infections
Taught By: Paul Bergner

New concepts in microbiology: Microbiome and Biofilm; The Microbiome in health and disease; Anti-microbial and anti-biofilm actions of drugs and herbs; Microbial defenses; Structure and dynamics of biofilm formation; Synergistic activities of medicinal plants against biofilms and their complications; Comparative differentials & Materia Medica; Normal and pathological biofilms; Candida Biofilms in chronic fungal infection; Role of Borrelia biofilms in chronic Lyme disease; Non-herbal “biofilm busters”; Therapeutic protocols for treating chronic bacterial or fungal infections.

September, 2019

Wise Woman Week
Taught By: Lisa Ganora, Tanya Blacklight & Alicia Michelsen

Learning skills in the Wise Woman Tradition such as medicine making, ethical wildcrafting and foraging, ritual, and plant-sitting.

October 2018 & 2019

Nature Cure
Taught By: Lisa Ganora & Kat Delaney

Hands-on workshop learning traditional Vitalist Nature Cure traditions including harvesting and medicine-making with Fall roots, berries, mushrooms, and herbs. Making lactic fermentations. Experiential learning of traditional Earth-based Vitalist practices including cultivating restorative sleep, building GI health with prebiotic herbs, ferments & foods, natural exercise and Chi-building, toning and sound, water therapy, and barefoot Earthing.

May, 2018

Wild Foods Workshop
Taught By: Kat MacKinnon & Briana Wiles

Feral cooking, wildcrafting practice and ethics, poisonous plant identification, and food-related wilderness skills.

January 2016 - present

Western Astrology Continuing Education & Coursework
Taught By: Adam Sommer, Astrologer, Holes to Heavens

Training Included: Ongoing coursework and in-depth studies on each of the planets, retrogrades, transits, eclipses, astrological counseling skills, timing techniques, chart studies and chart interpretation.

January 2016 - May 2017

Western Astrology Private Tutoring
Taught By: Adam Sommer, Astrologer, Holes to Heavens

Training Included: Foundational Knowledge of Astrology & Reading Charts.

April, 2016

Astrology Interpretation Course
Taught By: Adam Sommer, Astrologer, Holes to Heavens

Training Included: Language of Astrology, Pluto & The Buddha, Myth & The Nodes of the Moon, Evolutions in Astrology, Rulerships, The Ascendent & The Body, The Moon & The Mind, The Sun & Spirit, Venus & Love, Limits of Saturn, Chiron & Beyond, Transits & Kosmic Weather.

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