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Recent Testimonials

On Astro-Flower Essence Sessions

Laurie helped me to identify more pieces of the puzzle and this put me at ease. I was impressed with Laurie’s attention to detail during the intake process. She has a gift with inquiry that I would like to see other practitioners adopt. Through her questioning, she helped me to identify some emotional patterns and connections to my natal chart. Her process was thorough and addressed my specific needs. Her flower essence formulations were spot on.

Laurie is passionate about her work and she has much knowledge to share. I would like to see more of Laurie’s unique skillset brought forth. Her ability to connect the dots between the stars and energetic power of the flower essences is a service that I would love to see her continue. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience. If you’re looking for a skilled practitioner, I highly recommend Laurie!

~Alison D.

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