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Meditation by the Sea

Private Yoga Session

Mind, Body & Spirit

Yoga is for Every Body. Private yoga is ideal for: beginning students needing consultation and guidance to build a home yoga practice or in a group setting; healing injury or chronic pain; or taking your practice to the next level. This practice balances mind, body and spirit through physical movement, breathwork and meditation.

Please Note: I mainly teach an alignment-based slow flow practice that integrates principles from traditional Hatha, Forrest, and Yin yoga lineages.

60 minutes

Investment: $80 (1-2 people)

Sliding-scale pricing available to those in need. Please email me to inquire and apply.

Certified Yoga Teacher (CYT)

My Qualifications

November, 2010

Certified Yoga Teacher - 200 Hours Yoga Alliance Approved

Certified by: Karma Yoga Center, Denver, Colorado

Training Included: Yoga as a Holistic Approach to Healing, Nourishing, and Evolving the Mind, Body, and Spirit, Setting Intention and Purpose: Sankalpa; Asana (poses); Pranayama (breathwork); Meditation, Mantra, Mudras, Nada (sound yoga), Chanting; Theme and Sequence for Classes; In-Class Assisting: Alignment, Adjustments, and Props; History: Past to Present Timeline of Yoga; Philosophies and Limbs of the Yoga Path; Physical Anatomy (including cadaver lab visit); Subtle Body Anatomy: Chakras, Astral Body, Gunas, Koshas & Kundalini; Marketing; Ethics; Intro to Restorative, Yin, Yoga Nidra and Prenatal Yoga

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