Flower Essence Session

Mind-Body Health, Emotional Well-Being, Soul Development, Personal Growth

A flower essence is a solar water infusion of the flowering part of a plant. This type of infusion harnesses the sun’s energy to pull beneficial properties and essences (or life force) out of the plant material and into the water. They bring healing and balance when one is feeling stuck in old or unhealthy patterns.

This subtle form of plant medicine can help one navigate the unknown, dissolve stress and anxiety, release the past, heal from heartbreak, manage grief, bring lightness to heavy situations, unleash courage, trust, patience, creativity, and so much more!

Mini Session: $30/30 minutes

Includes 15 mL Flower Essence Formula*

Mini sessions will address one question and client will receive a one week dosage flower essence formula with 1-3 essences. This is an excellent option for those who are curious about flower essences and will help those decide if they wish to work with flower essences long-term.

Ceremonial Flower Essence Session: $60/60 minutes

Includes 30 mL Flower Essence Formula*

Custom ceremonial healing session focusing on supporting your physical-spiritual-mental-emotional needs. These sessions primarily utilize flower essences as tools for healing. Other tools often used: Oracle cards, yoga, reiki, prayer, meditation, and breath work. Client will receive a two week dosage flower essence formula with up to 6-7 essences.

Please Note: Ceremonial sessions require you book at least one follow up session. 

Follow Up Session: $30/30 minutes

Includes 30 mL maintenance Flower Essence*

We will review shifts you experienced since the first session and discuss any new acute needs you may have. You will receive either an acute or long-term maintenance formula depending on your unique circumstances.

* Plus Shipping if session done remotely

Sliding Scale and payment options available for those truly in need and want to do this work. Please email me to discuss payment options.

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