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Vitalism is a holistic wellness practice that focuses on removing obstacles to a person's vital life power and addresses the root causes of disease so that the body can restore balance in the tissues and ultimately heal itself. This practice supports the healing process using tools such as herbalism, flower essences, nutrition, nature cure, and other lifestyle factors to facilitate healing and rebalancing on all levels of being. Nature is the primary source of intelligence and guidance in the healing process.

As a vitalist practitioner, I support a person's whole state of well-being, mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, ultimately addressing the root cause of dis-ease or imbalance. My role honors nature's vital intelligence by supporting the body's natural healing abilities including in situations of acute and chronic illness.

Initial Consultation: Free/30 minutes

Let's talk about your individual needs and how I may be of service to you. We can then determine if we are the right fit for one another.

Vitalist Herbal & Wellness Consultations-Intake Session: $120/ hour (90 min. - 2 hours)

Intake sessions will address your health and wellness goals and also consist of in-depth review of your health history, providing you with a safe place to discuss your personal story. These sessions last approximately 1.5-2 hours. 

Sessions will also include:

~Review & recommendations of blood panels/bloodwork

~Reasonable email support between sessions

Please Note: For every intake session, on average I spend 4-6+ hours on research, formulation, and creating a customized health plan for you.

Personalized Health & Wellness Protocol: Pricing of herbal formulas and supplements will vary.

After our initial intake, I will conduct research on your case, and develop a customized protocol for you that will include:

~Customized herbal formulations based on your constitution and health conditions

~Flower Essence Recommendations

~Dietary & Nutritional Remedies

~Vitalist Lifestyle Therapeutics

Vitalist Herbal & Wellness Consultations-Follow-Up Session (Existing Clients Only): $90/hour

*Price does not include your customized herbal formula(s) and suggested supplements.

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