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What is Evolving Heart Holistic Wellness?

Evolving Heart is a labor of love and a reflection of over a decade of intentional work on the healing path. Healing is an evolutionary process. Often times we will find once one thing is healed, something else will surface that needs attention. As we heal ourselves, we facilitate the evolution of our consciousness and further our soul's development.

Return to the Heart

Evolving Heart is a returning to the heart, to feeling and to our senses. It's one thing to imagine something, but if we can learn to actually feel what it is we are envisioning, this is the key to healing and its progress. If we perceive feeling as related to our senses, we can also relate it back to our heart. Scientifically we know that the head and the heart are intertwined. As our modern societies have progressed, our focus has primarily been on the mind, casting aside our capabilities to feel and intuit. As a result, the valuable connection we have to our hearts has been lost which has led to an imbalance between our heads and hearts.

Why Evolving Heart?

Following your heart helps you to evolve into the person you are meant to be. We are constantly shifting, changing and growing. When things become uncertain, get tough, fall apart, or, we experience change or move through transition, connecting to our centers, aka our hearts, will help bring us back to our personal truths and ground us into who we truly are. This provides us with stability and trust that we are exactly where we are meant to be in this present moment.

What is the Purpose of Evolving Heart?

The wellness services I offer help you to connect to your center, truth and authentic self. They are meant to guide you to take back your personal power so that you can realize your self-worth and help you cultivate self-love. Both the wellness and educational offerings of Evolving Heart Holistic Wellness are in service to humxnity and the planet. 

Earth-Based Healing

I deeply believe in the philosophy that when we heal ourselves we heal the Earth. And, when we heal the Earth, we heal ourselves. The modalities of healing that I use promote this type of healing and growth. We need to remember that we, as humxns, are a part of Nature. That's why it’s important to give back to the Earth which provides us with all we need to survive so we can maintain a thriving symbiosis of life on the planet.


“I continue to experience deep, profound healing on all levels of my being through my connection with the natural world. As humans, especially in this society, we forget that we are a part of nature, and that the continuous cycle of giving and receiving is critical for the survival of the human species. Many distractions keep us separated from nature. I believe when we are given the opportunity to make a connection to the natural world, we start to become more alive, empowered, nourished, supported, and inspired. As a result, we connect more deeply to ourselves, our communities, and the Earth; cultivating what I believe to be true love, freedom and sustainability. This is the act of healing ourselves to heal the Earth. And the act of healing the Earth to heal ourselves.”

Laurie Love Rochardt


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